Every little helps ...

Every £ or Euro you give to The Students’ Education Trust goes directly and entirely to needy Thai youngsters. We welcome donations of any value and even a small gift can go a long way in Thailand, where education is comparatively inexpensive.


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The value of donations from UK Tax Payers is increased by 25% through the Gift Aid Scheme. Please select this option if you are a UK taxpayer and wish to add Gift Aid.

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Here are some ways your gift can help a needy Thai youngster


Welfare grants: gifts of under £20 usually go into SET’s Welfare Grant Fund.  Grants are awarded to non-scholarship students who have a proven but temporary financial difficulty. The grants are used to buy shoes or uniform, to pay for books or tools, for bus fares, school canteen lunch or for dormitory accommodation. Grants vary in value according to individual students’ needs. SET awards more than 1,000 welfare grants every year.


Scholarships: a SET scholarship can take a student all the way through his or her present course and in many cases is extended to the next level of study. Not all students are supported from the first year of their present course; some get into financial difficulties part-way through their studies and are at risk of dropping out. SET never wants that to happen so some students are awarded scholarships part-way through their courses. Scholarship values vary according to the level of study and tuition fees and the other education-related expenses involved.


High school students receive scholarships of 6,000 THB per year - approximately £140.


Students at vocational college receive 10,000 THB per year – approximately £230.


University students receive 20,000 THB per year – approximately £465.


Other programs: if you would prefer your gift to be used in SET’s programs at Kiriwong Novice School or Saengsawan Orphanage, please let us know when you make your donation. For example, a donation of £200 will treat 80 orphans to a day-trip to their favorite destination - a water adventure park – or will provide many new books for the Kiriwong School library.


The Thai Baht (THB) figures shown are SET’s current rates for scholarships and grants. The £ figures are approximate because the £/THB exchange rate has fluctuated greatly since the 2016 Brexit vote. For the up-to-date exchange value of your donation from £ to THB, or from THB to £, visit the Currency Converter here.

Ways to donate


The Students’ Education Trust can accept donations only from the UK and Europe. To donate from other countries, please visit the main SET website: www.thaistudentcharity.org/how-to-donate

By credit card: donations can be made quickly and securely to The Students’ Education Trust by PayPal. Just click the Donate logo above to go straight to PayPal, fill in your card number and the amount you want to give. Please indicate whether you wish to add "Gift Aid"  and confirm that you are a UK taxpayer. You can also set up a standing order to give weekly, monthly or annually.

By cheque: send your cheque to Joanna Herbert-Stepney at the address below, made out to The Students’ Education Trust. Please include a note with your name and address. Cheques must be for Sterling or Euro.


By bank transfer: tell your bank to make a transfer to The Students’ Education Trust account. Contact Joanna Herbert-Stepney for bank account details.


By standing order: a standing order form for regular donations to The Students’ Education Trust can be downloaded here.


Give-As-You-Earn: the Give-As-You-Earn scheme is an easy way of donating directly from your pay. Donations are deducted before tax, so it costs you less and we get more. A simple form can be downloaded  here which you should complete and give to your employer’s payroll office. Your employer must be registered with the Payroll Giving Scheme. For further details, visit the website: www.hmrc.gov.uk/payrollgiving.


By CAF voucher: we can accept vouchers or cheques from your Charities Aid Foundation account but we cannot claim Gift Aid on CAF donations.

Sell for us on eBay: if you have a PayPal account, you can sell almost anything on eBay to benefit The Students’ Education Trust. You decide what percentage of the sale price you want to donate – from 10% to 100% - and eBay does the rest. All donations are tax-deductible and we still get 25% in Gift Aid. Listings that benefit charity sell faster and generally for a higher final price. For charity sales, eBay credits back a portion of the seller fee. Click on the eBay logo here          and then enter Students’ Education Trust in the charity search box.

Plan ahead: please think about leaving us a gift in your will. Contact Joanna Herbert-Stepney for help if you need it.


However you make your donation, a receipt and letter of thanks will be sent to you, both by The Students’ Education Trust and by The SET Foundation in Thailand. 


A problem? If you have any questions or problems in making your donation, please contact Joanna Herbert-Stepney, Old Village Stores, Dippenhall St, Crondall, Farnham, Surrey GU10 5NZ, UK.    Email: SET.UK@btinternet.com